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About Us

The US CareNet family of companies includes NavCare - providing innovative care management and care navigation across the continuum of care; Health at Home, a US CareNet and LCS partnership with Medicare certified home health, private duty, care navigation, therapy and health & wellness clinics in LCS owned, operated and managed communities across the country; and Care Partners @ Home, offering Medicare certified home health, private duty services and other health care services for seniors in residential and other senior living environments.

US CareNet’s Senior Living Services division offers the continuum of care model of services, including care navigation, nurse practitioner clinics, health and wellness, Medicare certified home health, private duty, chronic care management, transitional care management, and advanced technology solutions to other organizations who own, operate or manage senior living communities. These services are customizable to the needs of the communities and organizations.

Our History

The history of US CareNet begins in November, 1995 when Central Georgia Health System founded CareSouth with the purchase of a large home healthcare company with a successful 25 year history. Two distinct lines of business evolved from CareSouth's infancy. The first was the direct delivery of patient care and the second was the delivery of business services to others that owned homecare agencies including hospitals and healthcare systems.

In 1998 the executive management team, working with a Washington, D.C. based private equity group, Capitol Partners, acquired the company from Central Georgia Health System which enabled both of CareSouth's business lines to grow.

The impact of this growth was evident in milestones throughout the years including the deliberate shift from managed business to a new focus on an owned and operated business model in 2006. In addition to the implementation of a premium software system in 2008, and multiple joint ventures and expansions, a major milestone that impacted our further endeavors greatly was the creation of one of the first centers for clinical excellence in 2013 with the Care Center. Moreover, in 2013, CareSouth partnered with Life Care Services (“LCS”) in a joint venture and then became majority owner in 2014. The venture expanded the Company’s service lines and locations to include the LCS network of senior living communities and its Health at Home agencies, offering certified, private duty and personal care services along with a number of nurse practitioner clinics within select communities.

Over this period of almost two decades the CareSouth company grew to become the 12th largest privately held home health care company in the country, boasting year-over-year inclusion in Top Home Care Elite agency rankings and attracting multiple offers for acquisition.

Beginning in 2013, our company modified its traditional Medicare home health concentration. Instead of the customary focus on single family in-home delivery of care, we concentrated on delivering care in senior living communities such as those owned, operated or managed by LCS.

Additionally, as part of this focus, the company diversified its service line to include chronic care management and transitional care management, also adding care navigation as a critical component to all of its other services including Health and Wellness treatment clinics, outpatient rehabilitation services, and private duty home care.

In November 2015, the company sold its CareSouth home health, hospice, private duty and health and wellness assets to Healthsouth’s Encompass Home Health, allowing the company, as US CareNet, to re-deploy monetary capital and reinvest in the growth of its senior living and chronic care strategies. This monetary capital, along with 40 years of experience in the post-acute care industry, and the entire senior management team that rededicated itself to US CareNet, positions it well for the future.

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